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magicBecoming a Magician

Considering a career as a magician may not be an easy task, but it's not impossible. Just follow these tips.

1. Keep studying, maintain high grades, obtain a scholarship, study and finish a degree, and have a 'real' occupation. Magic may be a good hobby, but you should not look at it as your main career choice. Your chances to become a wealthy and famous magician are just like having chances to become a really prominent rock star. Not to discourage you in following what you want, but it might

be wiser for you if you have other back-up plans in case being a magician does not lead you to your ambitions and goals in life. Many amazing artists, including magicians, died hungry and penniless.

2. Take classes on drama in your high school as well as college studies. Learn to act. Learn the process of building sets, in writing, directing, and producing. You should get some speech classes. Learn aspects on timing, annunciation, and presentations. By learning these things, you are building your blocks to performing success.

Knowing the secrets and moves of the magic trade are of course valuable, but it means nothing compared with the true value of presentation.

3. Creating your character. Have some costumes like a tuxedo to match your character. Like a doctor when he or she wears his or her white cloak, or a clown when he or she puts his or her make-up, you transform yourself into a magician upon wearing your costume. Have you decided already what your stage name is? You could make up one or just your real name. Are you serious or funny, or both? Are you mysterious and dark, or flashy and bright? Create who you should be. Do not worry that you'd get stuck with the character that eventually you do not like anymore - the character you have will grow and evolve as you go and can be changed anytime.

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4. Creating your act. Create a list of all the tricks you know. Then, sort them. Are these tricks parlor-sized, close-up ones, or actual stage performances? Once you have sorted them, list all the tricks according to their order of presentation and impressiveness. In short, what are your best acts, and what are the worst? List first your worst tricks and then the best ones at the last items. Remember that you should always finish with the best tricks that you have.

Your act should always begin with tricks that are flashy and visual. Get the attention of your audience before building their amazement all throughout your show and end with the best trick.

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