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magic5 Tips on Improving Your Tricks

A magician is an artist. Every trick is a masterpiece and every trick requires a lot of patience and time to learn. Here are some tips to help you improve your tricks.

Practice Makes Perfect

You've learned a new trick and have shown it to an audience and mesmerized them, should that stop there? No! A magician always practices his bag of tricks, no matter how much he has mastered them. Bungling up a trick in front of an audience is one of the most embarrassing
situations a magician can ever encounter.

You should set some time to practice your magic. Two hours every day is more than enough to help you polish up skills you've learned. Remember that time spent in practicing is not time wasted.

Videotape Your Act

Videotaping your act will let you see how the audience perceives you. It is important that you look at your video camera as you do it and try to think of it as your audience. Watching how you perform will let you see simple mistakes you probably didn't know you were making. It will help in your practice and in knowing if a trick is effective.

Ask for Help

Joining a group could help you improve your tricks. You could watch how they do it. You would also have the chance to show your tricks and receive feedbacks. Remember to ask for help if you think you need it and to heed advice when given.

It's important to realize that there are better magicians than you and that others have more experience.

Utilize Your Free Time

Going away for the weekends? Perhaps you're going on a camping trip or fishing. Why not bring your materials with you? There will be free time on your trips where you could practice your tricks or devise new ones.

The trick is to use your time wisely. Think of every free time as a chance to practice and you'll see improvements on your tricks.

Learning another Trick

Don't try learning another trick until you've mastered your current trick. You should treat it as a painting and practice your trick until it becomes your own masterpiece.

Ask for help if you need them and try your best to finish learning what you've started.

A magician will always find ways to learn new tricks. It is important that they realize that a trick is not something to be taken for granted. You need to practice, practice, and practice. That is one way to ensure success in this business.

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