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Perhaps, if you are a never-heard type in the class or in a circle of friends and would like to be in the limelight and attract everybody else's attention, magic tricks are the way to accomplish it!

There are many ways by which you can come up with your own unique magic tricks. Performing illusions, and similar exhibitions are not for a privilege few. The truth is that, it can be learned and perfected by anyone.

Magic Trick Samples

There are a handful of magic tricks around that are particularly easy to perform. One
need not be a professional magician in order to accomplish the task. Magic tricks can be in the form of the following:

v Card tricks
v Optical Illusion
v Common objects like bottles, envelope, rope, sugar, water, and pepper

Tips on Becoming a Convincing Magician

Surely, if you are interested in magic and fond of entertaining people, perhaps, magic exposition is for you.

The following tips should provide you with details on how you can start becoming adept in magic either for pursuing a career as an illusionist or just for the thought of astounding your friends and acquaintances.

v Be with the Masters! - There are no better ways of learning all the tricks but to be in the business. Be with people who are adept in this craft and you'll sure learn the basics and advanced tricks and all the chemistry and techniques behind it.

v Practice! - Practice is always deemed appropriate in any personal activity you are trying to accomplish. This will guide your way to perfection and mastery of the craft.

v Out of the Box - Do not do the same tricks over and over again. Your audience will make assumptions and lose their focus once they see you doing the same old magic techniques. This lessens the excitement and you will soon lose your clients.

v Keep it Secret - Tricks are not meant to be informed to the general public. You do tricks for the purpose of baffling and conveying a message that you are doing something extraordinary.

v Suppress! - Keep the audience from moving around. Suspecting onlookers spill the beans so you better watch out from their actions.

If possible, keep them seated while performing your tricks and allowing several instance of participation. Use objects coming from your audience in order to reduce your audience's doubt about the authenticity of your tricks.

v Assistants - knowledgeable assistants are important in any events especially in magic shows. Assistants maybe in the form of puppet animal or a real person.

In any case, choosing the right assistant depends on the level of support you will need in accomplishing your goal as a magician.

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